When patterns attack.

Get dizzy get busy, This editorial is happiness

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All images from Paper magazine


Somewhere in Africa: Street style

I always come across great things to blog about but then I just get lazy or end up taking too long eventually giving up. So every time I come across something I’m going to tell myself “Rahma, It’s not live you’ve got anything better to do” which is the truth, I’ve got too much time in my hands and nothing fun or productive to do. For me procrastination is an ongoing battle and this blog is prove to that, making my New year resolution  “To Stop Being Effing Lazy”.

So I  came across these pictures and just fell in love. Everything’s so bright and colourful, All the pictures are taken from one of my favourite street style blog Rebels without pause and also its what I’m into at the Mercedes Benz Fashion week Africa.

Enjoy! \(^▽^)/





That green tulle skirt is a winner



A great example for colourful menswear



The Blue Braids are too cool





The view of my desk a couple of months ago during the exam fever. {its not always like that} Today after an entire year i finally put the laziness aside and spent more than thirty hours doing exercises. Lately I’ve been worried about how weak my body is. So today I joined my sister and my nine year old niece for some Zumba and it did feel good. hopefully I’ll do the same next week. My next mission is learning how to sit up straight and working on my crappy social skills. Wish me luck

Kitchen roses & ‘cool’ siblings

The roses in this photo really remind me of the family house on the Usambara mountains, the roses surrounded the house  visible in every window especially the kitchen, i miss that place, i haven’t been there since 2011. The whole family used to go there on the December holidays, when it was warmer (It’s hot in December and cooler in July). We had a love hate relationship, since the house was on a remote town which only recently got electricity, there was a lot of work to do and now evil climate change is doing its thing. 

As I grew older i grew to love the peace and solidarity of the place unlike when i was younger when i hated the fact that there was no TV, friends and that i had a bunch of siblings who were ‘too cool’ to play with. 

Hope we go there this time. hope we don’t

PS. I couldn’t find my own photo so i had to go with this one but its really similar

PSS: This is the longest post i have ever written


Illustrated desk for Frankie Magazine by amy borell

Illustrated desk for Frankie Magazine by Amy Borrell

The day I have been dreading is getting closer and now there two more days till I’ll say hasta la vista to freedom from  the responsibilities school brings.

This school term there are several things I’ll like to accomplish or change.

1. Make new friends

2. Stop buying too much kit kats and sneakers from the money hungry canteen

3. Get better grades (Which should be easy since I’m dropping the subjects i suck at).

PS. The illustration above is the complete opposite to the site my desk is in. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯