It drives you crazy getting old

Getting older is a scary. As the years go by life gets frightening. You become aware of certain things,of  the mass corruption and oppression in the world, with getting older death becomes a reality, and there is the loss of innocence, you start seeing the racism, sexism, injustice and the hidden agendas, loneliness creeps in and suddenly the world gets darker.

This all can make a person seem so small and hopeless. why are people still being oppressed in this modern age?, why don’t people care about their their actions can contribute to the misery of others? and why are people so selfish?

Optimism is hard, but them it’s best to try than be forever miserable

I know this is an unusual post but then I felt the need to write this in this blog, I  firmly believe that we all have a responsibility to make this world a better place some way or another, so lets just try to do that.

This post was sort of inspired by this song


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