So I’ve been chosen to be a prefect, the house captain of my house to be more exact, After this was announced I’ve had all sorts of mixed reactions I’ve laughed, cried, smiled then cried again. I’ve never been the social type, in fact meeting new people is almost terrifying. What if I’m terrible at this whole leadership thing? What if I’m not and this is that opportunity I’ve been waiting for?

This is all so frustrating, How am I suppose to decide?


What should I eat for breakfast?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it can also be the most delicious. Marta Greber’s blog what should I eat for breakfast  definitely shows this, if you’re looking for healthy and whole food  inspiration and recipes (and beautiful food photography) this is it.

Unfortunately though I won’t be joining you in putting this to practice since I have to wake up at the wee hours of the morning to go to school with only forty minutes between waking up and heading off. But someday i will, someday…..

Greens, halloumi and egg

fruit pizza

Eggs fried with tomatoes and goat cheese

Fried ricotta with mushrooms and radish

bircher muesli

Millet with coconut milk, vanilla soy yogurt,.