Kitchen roses & ‘cool’ siblings

The roses in this photo really remind me of the family house on the Usambara mountains, the roses surrounded the house  visible in every window especially the kitchen, i miss that place, i haven’t been there since 2011. The whole family used to go there on the December holidays, when it was warmer (It’s hot in December and cooler in July). We had a love hate relationship, since the house was on a remote town which only recently got electricity, there was a lot of work to do and now evil climate change is doing its thing. 

As I grew older i grew to love the peace and solidarity of the place unlike when i was younger when i hated the fact that there was no TV, friends and that i had a bunch of siblings who were ‘too cool’ to play with. 

Hope we go there this time. hope we don’t

PS. I couldn’t find my own photo so i had to go with this one but its really similar

PSS: This is the longest post i have ever written


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