dive in.

dive in.

Another photo of my own, looking at this mangrove forest I really want to dive right in, swim away and discover a whole new world within. Or the practical option, taking a boat.




The calming effect of the sea is undeniable, though i may live a short distance from the beach going there isn’t a option as it used to be when I was little, since now its highly polluted and depressing. This photo was taken in Zanzibar when we went to see the lovely dolphins.

What i’m listening to: lorde

i've decided that i absolutely love lorde

I’m just glad she wasn’t a one hit wonder.  I love her style of music I thinks it’s very fresh and she has a gorgeous voice.  She’s one of the first artist I’ve actually been a fan of, so that’s really something.  Even though I may not understand her songs completely, I really appreciate them.

Yeah and she has gorgeous hair

Pure heroine album sampler

Bad habits

Bad habits

Illustration by Aimee bee brooks

I have a confession, i ❤ eating ice cream when it rains. Its always hot where I live so I always try my best to make the most of the rainy season, eating ice cream is among the many things i enjoy, I also love wearing jackets to school, not wearing socks to school and eating lots of kit kats and sneakers. It might be raining cats and dogs outside but I'll try my best to remain optimistic.

…and it been raining cats and dogs

......and it been raining cats & dogs

Tatsuro Kiuchi
Its been raining heavily lately, there’s water every where, crabs have have been washed off the shore and into the backyard, the frogs are crocking all night, the garden has turned into a swamp, an it ain’t planning on stopping anytime soon. At the beginning i was happy, i danced and snuggled in bed as it rained but now I’m unhappy living in in the middle of a shellfish and frog swamp



Lovely packaging: Illegal burgers

Lovely packaging: Illegal burgersklonblog-010-illegalburger klonblog-012-illegalburger

I really like this, I love the way its really neat and simple. The packaging is actually for a burger joint in Oklahoma and was designed by Isabela Rodrigues.
What I like are the burglar, police man, investigator icons displayed and the pattern found on the Burger box.
I would definitely buy this just because of the whole look! I am a sucker when it comes to lovely creative packaging. ❤

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